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  Yucatandealdirect .com is dedicated to safeguarding your privacy online. The following explains how your information will be treated as you make use of our products and services.

Your Information

yucatandealdirect.com draws a distinction between information that is provided when registering on the site and information that is provided when listing your property for sale on our Web site.

Personal Information

Personal information is defined as information entered when registering on our Web site. yucatandealdirect.com does not sell or distribute any of your individual personal information to other companies or vendors. We will not release any of your personal information to other users without your permission. We may use or provide partners with aggregate information from the information provided by all users.

Listing Information

Listing information is defined as information that is provided when a user signs up to list his/her property on our Web site. In order to provide the maximum exposure for properties listed on our site, yucatandealdirect.com has formed partnerships with many other listing services on major Internet portals and other sites. These partners are provided with your listing information so that your property can be viewed with some detail on our partners' sites. When your listing information is received by yucatandealdirect.com , your listing contact information is automatically transferred to our partners' sites on a daily basis. If you request address specific products or services we will transfer your listing contact information as required by vendors, unless you specify otherwise. All customers are provided with the option of withholding the posting of any listing contact information.

Credit Card Information

Yucatandealdirect.com accepts credit card information to provide our customers with the convenience of purchasing our products and services online. Credit card information is defined as any information that appears on a page where a credit card number can be submitted. All credit card information is protected by SSL encryption technology and is not stored on our site. We retain your credit card number only for the period required to verify it and pass it to our transaction service provider.


In order to enhance your visit with personalized services, yucatandealdirect.com may use cookie technology. A cookie is a small file that is assigned to a user when they register on a Web site. These cookies do not collect personally identifiable information, nor are they shared with our partners and vendors. We may use cookie technology to track the way in which customers use the site so that we can provide them with content that caters to their needs. We may also use cookies to make your visit more convenient by saving your password so that you do not have to re-enter it each time you visit our site.

IP Address

IP addresses are unique to each computer, and they are used to identify senders and receivers of information over the Internet. yucatandealdirect.com uses your computer's IP address to administer our Web site and to report aggregate information to our advertisers. Individual user information is not released.

Contests and Surveys

Yucatandealdirect.com occasionally asks users to complete surveys that we use for research purposes. This information is only shared with advertisers on an aggregate basis. Individual user information is not released.

A Word About Security

At yucatandealdirect.com, we are committed to maintaining a secure environment to store and receive your personal information. As stated in the credit card information section, yucatandealdirect.com receives your credit card information using industry standard SSL encryption.

All of the information transmitted to yucatandealdirect.com is stored safely and securely behind our firewall. A firewall is a buffer that isolates our network from the Internet.

At yucatandealdirect.com , we constantly monitor our Web security in order to protect your information. Once your information is received at yucatandealdirect.com, access to your information is limited. Each employee is provided with a copy of this document so that they are aware of our privacy practices.

Yucatandealdirect.com works closely with our partners to ensure your privacy, however we are not responsible for the privacy policy or content of our partners' Web sites.

Yucatandealdirect.com and its subsidiaries will not disclose any of your personal information, except when we have your permission or when we believe in good faith that the law requires it.

Changing and Editing Your Information

You, as a user, can change or edit your personal information and listing information at any time. This procedure is accomplished by choosing to edit your account information once logged in on our Web site. If you have any difficulties with, or questions about the modification of personal information or listing information, please contact Contact Us.