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Location: Telchac Puerto
Lot Size: 5400 sq. Meters
Bedrooms: 1
Living Space:
Bathrooms: 2
Price: $210,000 USD

Description: Picture yourself in this beautiful oceanfront home. It has absolutely one of the most beautiful interiors here in the Yucatan. Construction was supervised by an incredible human being whose attention to detail and insistence on the finest materials available makes this house unique.

For example, he didn't like the quality of the electrical wire the electricians used here so he imported BX cable from the USA. The kitchen cabinets are fine hardwood, mahogany, I believe. Now here's the kicker, I would not have believed it otherwise, but it has a completely dry basement yards from the ocean because the owner insisted on a 6 foot pure concrete foundation/underground bulkhead. And the walls are built with pure cement, not the usual cement/cal/sand mixture common here. Because of this, his house survived the strongest hurricane to hit the Yucatan in recent memory without any damage to the foundation or one structural crack anywhere! Sure there was window damage and some cleaning to do, but hurricane insurance provided by Grupo Ponce put it in the shape you see here.

Absolutely gorgeous.

The size of the land is immense 180m x 30m on the beach. It's about 3 feet to the meter so figure 90 feet along the beach and 540 from the beach to the road.

In the photo from the entrance towards the beach you can just make out the top of the back of the house in the background.

Oh, and there are over 100 coconut trees for you to enjoy!

There is no better house at the beach for this price.

This Property Has: Water, Electricity

Parking: Plenty

Additional Info:
1 bedroom and the living room converts to sleeping quarters also.

Living Room, Dining Room, 2 bathrooms, Huge Kitchen.

Separate outdoor cooking area with a wood burning oven for Pizzas or Bread. And a gas grill too.

Palapitas over the windows, a tool shed and large outdoor living spaces in both front and rear,(with a giant palapa)

A 2800 gallon cistern; hot and cold water throughout.

All the fixtures are of the best quality and the floors are gorgeous ceramic tile.

The house is also is prepared for a second floor if desired.

Availability: immediately
Listing ID: DEAL-00093 Last Updated: July 6, 2007 19:49