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Javier Cervantes
Tel: 999 923 3184
Fax: 999 928 6709
Calle 56 No. 442-A
Dept. 5 Entre 49 Y 51
Mérida, Yucatán
e-mail: javierjc@prodigy.net.mx


Juan Enrique Gonzales Molina
Cel. 044 999 907 1052

Manuel J. Kuk y Padilla
Construction, Remodeling and Maintenance
Motul, Yucatan
Tel: (999) 915-0608
Cel: 044 (999) 958-0034

General Information

Expats write about living, working and playing in the Yucatan. Restaurant reviews, insights into culture and history, stories and info about buying and building homes, and more.

The “most complete and independent online guide dedicated to Mexico” with classifieds, bulletin boards, chat, FAQs, information on real estate, culture, travel and more .

Comprehensive website about all aspects of travel and life in Mexico with many resources, regular columns, forums, and feature articles.

A guide to Mexico, including travel, leisure, lifestyle, culture, business and investment. For great basic information on retiring in Mexico, check out this page (http://www.mexperience.com/retirement/default.htm) .

A website for people living in or considering moving to Mexico City. Has many good resources for living in Mexico in general.

US Department of State Consular Information Sheet on travel to Mexico, requirements to enter the country, bring in a vehicle, etc.

Stewart Title and Guaranty Company International Page with information on buying real estate in Mexico.

Book by Peyton and Connell, an international lawfirm with offices in the US, Tijuana, Puerto Vallarta, Ixtapa/Zihuantanejo, and Mexico City, about buying real estate in Mexico.

real estate, retirement, living abroad, and travel opportunities in Mexico.

Welcome to SolutionsAbroad, the most complete web-based resource for expatriate foreign nationals working in, visiting, moving to, or living in Mexico.

Travel information for the Yucatan Peninsula. Includes maps, tips, attractions, real estate info, history.

A tropical and exotic plant nursery 40 minutes outside Merida in Muna. Choice varieties of bamboo, ginger, heliconia and other hard-to-find plants. The owner speaks English and also designs and plants gardens appropriate to the Yucatan climate.

Locally owned and operated tour service that leads small, private groups on safe, fun and relaxing tours of the local sights.


Online home of the gGringo community of Merida, Yucatan. Offers news, business reviews, tips, advice, and unsolicited & extremely personal opinions about living in Mexico, Merida, and the Yucatan.

Everything you need to know about visiting and moving to Cancun.

An excellent website for starting your Spanish classes online.

Support Children of the Yucatan.


Juan Enrique Gonzales Molina
Cel. 044 999 907 1052

Legal Services

Lic. Alvaro R. Baqueiro Cáceres
Lic. Enna Baqueiro Rodríguez
Calle 16 #100 x 27 y 29
Colonia Mexico
Phone: +52 (999) 926-6668
Fax: +52 (999) 927-4734

Medical & Dental

Dr. Victor Gerardo Gamez Imaz
Control Odontologico Integral
Calle 21 N.o 415B X 6A y 8
Col. México Oriente
Mérida, Yucatán
Tel (999) 927-5115 and 926-4429
e-mail: controlodontologico@yahoo.com
website: www.controlodontologico.com

Dr. Javier Flores Mendoza
Santa Elena Hospital
Calle 14 No. 81 X 5 Y 7
Col. San Antonio Cinta
Modulo B Planta Alta Consultorio 103
Merida Yucatán
Tel: 943-5377
Fax: 943-4352

Dr. Herbé Rivero Maldonado
Orthopedic Surgeon
Clinica de Merida
Ave. Itzáes #242
Mérida, Yucatán, México
Tel/Fax 920-1658
e-mail: dr_hrivero@hotmail.com


Julio Cervera
(999) 982-2196

Real Estate Agents

Casa Blanca Real Estate
George Caceres
Phone: +52 (999) 916-2109

Mexico International Real Estate
Jim Mann and Mitch Keenan
Phone: +52 (999) 928-0214

Tierra Maya Real Estate
Jennifer Lytle
Phone: +52 (999) 923-7615

Real Estate Yucatan
Gabriela Isaac or Alec Stephens
Phone: +52 (999) 938-0689


Many people get by in Yucatan with a vocabulary of only a few words. While it's possible to make do with only "restaurant Spanish," if you're hoping to do anything more complex than ordering a plate of cochinita, you may need some help.

This website does translation online. Just type out the text, or copy and paste from a document, and hit "Free Translation." What you'll get is a basic, not-always-accurate translation. For best results, keep your sentences short. Don't use complicated words when simple ones will do. To get an idea of just how funny-sounding things can come out, try typing in a few sentences in English, get them translated to Spanish, then translate them back from Spanish to English. You'll quickly realize that this form of translation will get the idea across most of the time, but its not always pretty. If you want to email a seller with a question specific to his, consider using this service, however, if a mistake in the translation is likely to cost you time, money or embarassment, then we recommend hiring the services of a
professional translator:

Cathy Harrison is a US-born professional Spanish-English translator who lives in Merida and is available for face-to-face help for all types of dealings in the Yucatan. For any serious negotiations, this is the way to go.

Hotels in Merida

When you're coming to Merida, consider staying at one of these local hotels.

Hotel Marionetas

Luz En Yucatan


Everything you need to know about the best part of Belize, Ambergris Caye.

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